5 Free Online Tools to Create Stunning Infographics

Have you ever thought about creating an infographic all by yourself?

If you want to create a stunning infographics and publish it online, there is no need to hire a professional designer. There are many free tools available. I have selected some of the best for this article.

5 Free Online Tools to Create Stunning Infographics
5 Free Online Tools to Create Stunning Infographics

5 Free Online Tools to Create Stunning Infographics


Canva is one of my favorite free online infographics tools that every blogger should know about! It makes infographic creation process easy as putting together a sandwich with bread, meat and vegetables.

You can either choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates or make your own size from scratch on the platform. But if you are not interested in taking too much effort, simply select ready-made layouts from Canvas’ library, which caters layout options ranging from a social media infographic to a complex data-based one.

You can also select from hundreds of premium backgrounds, images and icons available on the platform’s library over which you have to pay only if you intend to use them for commercial purposes.


Piktochart is another free online tool that lets you create anything from simple chart to interactive visual ideas. Its design interface makes it more interesting than Canva (IMHO). But there are some limitations like selecting an infographic type, making the title of your choice etc., which limits you in building something out of the box.

They offer templates that already come with specific topics like business, marketing, education etc.. So even if you don’t know how to design an infographics, you can always select from one of those templates.


Easel.ly is a flexible infographic maker that lets you create stunning infographics online with drag and drop interface, which makes it very easy to use especially if you are just starting out with infographics design.

Another interesting thing about Easel.ly is its focus on sharing and embedding feature after creating your infographic masterpiece. It also offers a large set of free icons through which you can make your charts look more attractive and informative at the same time (if used correctly). You can try Easel.ly here .


A new entrant in this list, Infogram offers you a free plan to get started with your infographic designing. Infogram lets you select from various templates and themes in order to create infographics in a quick time. You can also upload or add your data via CSV files for more customization, which is a nice thing if you have all the information ready in a well-formatted manner. The tool has an easy interface that even people who don’t know much about creating infographics can find it easy to build one by selecting from its broad range of readymade templates.


Another good free online infographic maker tool is Venngage . It has been around for some time now primarily because it does not offer any pre-designed templates when you start building one from scratch. Because of that, you are forced to create unique visuals which is quite nice in some way.

Venngage also offers a range of free icons, photos etc., which showcases the design’s professional touch if used carefully. You can signup for Venngage by following this link .


Creating an infographic requires time and effort but I hope these tools make your life easier when it comes to creating one without hiring a designer or spending much on the platform itself.

Many people believe that infographics are just nice-to-have assets that may bring traffic with its sheer presence online but there are many who equate it with high quality backlinks that can help them rank higher in search engine results pages. Whatever may be the case, using these tools can save your time and effort when you start with creating infographics.

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