What’s better, PUBG or Free Fire?

If you looking for the answer to the question: PUBG vs free fire which is best, then I hope that after reading this article you will be able to decide on your own.

What's better, PUBG or Free Fire?
What’s better, PUBG or Free Fire?

Also before we start; if you are playing PUBG and want your voice to count with developers, PLAYERUNKNOWN himself said on twitter , of course he did not mention any specific names but this probably means all third party applications/tools used in a wrong way…(cheating etc) so it would be better if they were shut down.

What’s better, PUBG or Free Fire?

Free Fire- A mobile battle royale that has been released not too long ago. It peaked the interest of many gamers and it used to be on the top list on android free games, but after PUBG release, it went down from the first position. What’s more important is what makes this two games different from each other.

In my opinion PUBG vs free fire is kind of like: CS:GO vs rainbow six siege. Both CS:GO and R6S are tactical shooters and both have their place among gamers and fans of tactical shooters, they can co-exist together just fine with all those differences between them.

However we cannot compare these two realistic shooter games with say: CS:GO and PUBG , because those two are casual shooters. This is not a bad thing actually, I am just pointing out the difference between those games so as you can understand why people love to play both PUBG and Free Fire!

The biggest difference between those two games is that Free Fire offers more faster paced gameplay with guns being shot all around you , while PUBG offers more tactical slower gameplay with many ways to go around it . It’s really up to the player what kind of a game he or she prefers. If you ask me, I would say that I enjoy playing both equally !

So which one is better?

Well if we talk about graphics quality then most likely free fire has an edge here. But what makes PUBG stand out (and why I enjoy it more) is getting that chicken dinner . It’s much easier to win in free fire, but the feeling you get when you finally pull this off in PUBG is priceless! No other battle royale game offers this satisfying feeling of accomplishment, Free Fire cannot compete with that.

Another thing worth mentioning (for all fps gamers) is recoil or gun control accuracy . Let’s say if you are an experienced counter strike player and want to play a shooting game where you can show your skills – then go for PUBG because there gun accuracy/recoil makes much more sense than it does in free fire. This however does not mean that Free Fire lacks behind here. The difference between PUBG and free fire is very small in this case.

After all I think that the best comparison would be: PUBG vs free fire which one do you enjoy more? And my answer to that question is – both! These two games are a joy to play and they can co-exist together without hurting each other’s popularity or anything like that. If you have friends who love PUBG, invite them over for some Free Fire fun time . It will not get boring any time soon 🙂

I hope this article helped you decide on your own if Free Fire or PUBG provides a better gameplay experience. Looking forward to seeing you around in my next article, but until then happy hunting !

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