Why pubg is so popular

So the game I want to talk about today is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short. This game got popular in no time! Infact it has over 27 million copies sold on steam alone !

Why pubg is so popular
Why pubg is so popular

This game made an impression on me not because it’s content but because there are many games like this which failed to become popular while this game surprised everyone by becoming so big!. Why do you think pubg became so famous?

There are several reason why PUBG became so successful

Open World

The first thing that makes PUBG unique is that it’s open world . You spawn into a massive island with other 99 people and your task is to kill them all, everyone for himself.

There is a short safe zone in every circle that shrinks with time and eventually after some time all players will collide at a same point where they fight against each other to death. This open world gives great opportunities to the player such as hiding in basements or building traps and ambushes.


Another reason why PUBG became so popular is it’s simple objective. Defeating everyone without dying is not an easy task and it makes the game more competitive! When you die you can see your killer and his route on mini map which acts like a tracker (By this I don’t mean there is no red mark showing player location). You can also use noise maker to attract enemies towards you or flash light to mislead enemies.


Another reason why PUBG is so popular is its inventory system. In pubg you have to manage your inventory and keep looting in order to keep up with your opponents.

You can carry only limited amount of items and weapons and the choice you make (and also luck) makes all difference in staying alive!. This creates a lot of tension in players for they know that one wrong choice could be fatal, making it more competitive and fun at same time!


The last reason I thought about when writing this article was the length of matches. So far pubg games last about 30-45 minutes which is perfect because nobody likes dying after 5 mins or spending hours! Although if we talk about other battle royale games like “H1Z1” or even smaller ones like “Kosnugrad” they all last only 20-30 minutes not more than that which is a good thing because it reduces the time taken to finish the game.

So these were some of the reasons why I think PUBG became so popular, there are countless others but they don’t come to my mind at the moment! So what do you think about PUBG? let me know in comments.


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